Man oh man, we have some awesome students here at Edinboro University!  Listed below is only a handful of the amazing accomplishments!  Enjoy!


Graduate Student DIDEM MERT has the Cover and an article entitled; Hand-Crafted Cuisine: by Didem Mert, Pottery Making Illustrated, pages 10-12, Westerville, Ohio., January 2016 

Didem Mert is also on cFile’s list of Potters to Watch (only 15 cited, nationally)  in 2016,

Didem Mert's Pottery

A September 2015 Ceramics Monthly article included work by Graduate Ceramics students Sara Morales-Morgan, Marge Gormley and Sara Catapano

NCECA Student Show:
Edinboro Ceramics Graduate Students ASHLEY BEVINGTON and HANNAH PIERCE along with Undergraduate Ceramics student Matt George have work included in this year's 2016 National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) annual national juried student show.  This show will be held in Kansas City during the March 2016 NCECA conference, and will be viewed by the 5000+ attendees.
Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition", Clay Studio, Philadelphia; June-August 2015
Edinboro Graduate Ceramics Students Ben Lambert, Austin Wieland, Didem Mert, Sara Morales-Morgan and Ashley Bevington had work included in this national exhibition at Clay Studio in Philadelphia.  5 of the 25 students chosen nationally were from Edinboro.  Plus, two Edinboro undergraduate ceramics alumni currently in Grad schools were also included, Chris Drobnock (U of Arkansas) and Mark Arnold (Southern Illinois U). 

Work by Sara Morales-Morgan

Keystone Collegiate Exhibition at Brockway Center for Arts & Technology, Brockway, PA
Graduate students Didem Mert, Ashley Bevington, Royce Hilderbrand,  Neil Simak, Sara Catapano and Hanah Pierce along with undergraduate Ceramic students Pat Bell and Steven Rossini are included in this juried exhibition in March, 2016

Clay Place Exhibition
Edinboro’s Clay Club held a show of current student work in Pittsburgh at the Standard Ceramic’s Gallery, Clay Place.  The show included 6 Graduate and 6 Undergraduate ceramics students with both ceramics faculty,  December 2015.

Graduate Student Didem Mert was included in the 2015 juried exhibitions:
*Cup: The Intimate Object XI, Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, Florida
*Strictly Functional Pottery National, Market House Craft Center, Lancaster, PA.  
*The Hudgens 1st National Juried & Invitational Cup Exhibition, Duluth, Georgia,
*Artists Under 30, Gallery One One, Cincinnati, Ohio
Didem Mert’s upcoming 2016 shows include: 
*Planes (invitational), AKAR, Iowa City, Iowa. 
*Featured Artist at Companion Gallery (July), Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN.
*Featured Artist at Studio KotoKoto, San Diego, CA.
*Shippensburg University Ceramics Invitational, Shippensburg, PA. 
 *Pottery in the Gallery Expo at NCECA with Lillstreet Gallery, Kansas City, MO.
Didem Mert’s upcoming 2016 activities include:
*Artist talk at Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY. 
*Pottery featured in an AMACO advertisement, AMACO, Indianapolis, IN.
*Assistant at Penland School of Crafts to Tracy and David Gamble, Penland, NC.
*Camp David Residency, The Clay Lady Campus, Nashville, TN

Graduate student Sara Morales-Morgan was a resident artist in January 2016 at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg Tennessee and had work included in:
* "Beyond the Brickyard" juried exhibition in Helena, Montana;  January-April 2016
* "Profit Margins" invitational exhibition in Gainesville, Florida;  January 2016
* "Workhouse National" juried exhibition; Lorton, Virginia September, 2015

Graduate student Neil Simak has exhibited work at:
 *”Solo Show”, Brockway Center for Arts & Technology, Brockway, PA August, 2015
*“October Evenings” juried exhibition, MCA’s Heeshen Gallery,  Meadville, Oct. 2015
*“Clay and Fibers” exhibition, MCA’s Heeshen Gallery,  Meadville,  Nov. 2015

Graduate student Sara Catapano was a teaching Assistant at Haystack School of Crafts in June, 2015 and had work exhibited in the “Masters 9” juried exhibition at the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio in September, 2015 

Graduate Student Jason Piccoli has exhibited work in;
*“October Evenings” juried exhibition, MCA’s Heeshen Gallery,  Meadville, Oct. 2015
*“Clay and Fibers” exhibition, MCA’s Heeshen Gallery,  Meadville,  Nov. 2015

Graduate student Hannah Pierce has exhibited work at:
* 2015 “States of Matter”, juried exhibition, San Francisco, CA
* 2015 “Arcata/ Eureka Airport Art Exhibition VIII”, Arcata, CA

Undergraduate student Stephen Rossini has the following 2015 exhibitions:
*”23rd Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National”; Lancaster, PA
 *”Teapots: Annual Three Wheel Studio Ceramic Show”; Providence, RI
 *”Shippensburg University Ceramics Invitational”, Upcoming February 2016

Work by Stephen Rossini

HUMDINGER: a show by Ashley Bevington

This year here at Edinboro University we have three ceramics students going through their candidacy reviews.  Candidacy typically happens once you've been in the MFA program for 1.5 years.  Once a student is reviewed for candidacy they are officially accepted into the program here at EUP, given they pass.  You are not required to have a show for candidacy, but all three 2nd year MFAs here at Edinboro are doing so this year.  

Our first MFA student to have their candidacy show was Ashley Bevington.  Ashley is from Nashville, OH and received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2014.  Bevington has participated in many regional & national exhibitions and has received numerous awards within her craft. Bevington was awarded a graduate assistantship through Edinboro University's MFA program, and is expected to graduate in 2017.

Ashley's statement is as follows:

"My work revolves around the disillusionment of adulthood. As children, we long to be grown-ups. It isn’t until we become adults with responsibilities and analytical tendencies that we realize how good we once had it as children. With added pressure of the media, we tend to have bloated expectations of what our lives should be. I have found that having lowered expectations is a key to happiness. I find the humor in daily negative events in order to avoid ruining a potentially good day. This newly found survival tactic has me reliving my past through this mindset. The pieces that I create are all objects from particular stories that in some way shaped who I am today. The stories are typically traumatic events that took place during my childhood. I am trying to re-experience these events as my current self. I feel that once I complete a piece about a specific event,that event becomes merely a story, and the burden of that event can be lifted from my present life.

I coil build the majority of my ceramic sculptures. The pinch marks left behind are similar to stitches holding a wound together. The pinches add a warped/nostalgic feeling to each piece. I use pastel colors as a sense of relief from heavy content."

Ashley put together a wonderful show!  It was very thoughtful as an installation, creating a narrative while walking through the gallery, yet each piece holds up just as well on it's own.  The playfulness in the pinched textures and color of her work is inviting for the viewer, asking the viewer to relate to the concepts, imagery, and narrative.  

Needless to say Ashley passed candidacy with flying colors!  We're so happy to have her in the program here at Edinboro University.  Ashley is currently the Vice President of Clay Club.  Make sure to keep up to date with her on:


Soda Kiln

This semester at Edinboro University we've been rebuilding our downdraft soda kiln.  The kiln has been a big pain in the you know what!  We tore down the kiln, but left the supporting frame of the kiln along with the cinderblock and castable.  The flue needed some shaping with a grinder once we started adding brick to the new floor of the kiln.  One thing that we realized was that the soft brick and hard brick was about a millimeter off in thickness, so we had to add castable to the soft brick courses to level out with the hardback courses.  

It's been about two and a half months since we started working on the kiln and it's just about done!  Look for a more in depth post in the future discussing the rebuilding of the kiln.  

Edinboro in NNSJE 2016

Three Edinboro University Ceramics students were accepted into the 50th NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition!  Top left we have undergraduate Matt George, bottom left we have 2nd year MFA student Ashley Bevington, and on the right we have 1st year MFA student Hannah Pierce.  Congratulations to these three killer students!  We're always thrilled to represent Edinboro University in this amazing annual show.  Follow these students on their Instagram accounts at:

Doug Peltzman at EUP

This semester Edinboro University's Clay Club funded by EUSGA brought in studio potter Doug Peltzman as our Fall 2015 visiting artist.  Doug lives and works in Dover Plains, NY.  He has taught workshops across the country in places such as Arrowmont, Peters Valley, Googleworks, The Clay Studio, etc.  He is also a founding member of Objective Clay.   

Doug's work deals with breaking elements down to their simple line structure.  Line, color, pattern, and form are all important components in Doug's work.  He uses a white porcelain along with a black stained porcelain to create his work.  
His work is mainly wheel thrown, but he also uses plaster hump molds for several forms.  The ridges he creates in his work are used to control glaze movement in the kiln.  These ridges hold glaze giving his work variation in color and glaze thickness.  

While at Edinboro University Doug demonstrated different throwing and decorating techniques he utilizes in his work. He also spent time critiquing students work and presenting lectures on his research and past experiences.  Clay Club would like to thank Doug Peltzman for coming to Edinboro and presenting a great workshop! We would also like to thank Edinboro University's Student Government Association for their financial contributions to help make this event possible.

For more information about Doug and his work please visit his website at:

Links related to Doug:

Show at Standard Ceramics

Our professor of Ceramics and advisor for Clay Club Lee Rexrode juried a show at Standard Ceramics' gallery Clay Space in Pittsburgh, PA.  The show included a handful of members from Clay Club including:

Pat Bell
Ashley Bevington
Sara Catapano
Royce Hilderbrand
Didem Mert
Sara Morales-Morgan
Hannah Pierce
Stephen Rosini
Sarah Smith
Sarah Wagner

Tech: Luke Doyle

Professors: Lee Rexrode and Chuck Johnson

Gram, the owner of Standard, gave several of us a tour of the facilities.  It was amazing to see the large mixers, pug mills, and lets not forget the pallets upon pallets of clay mixing material!  They have the facilities to mix 75,000-100,000 pounds of clay per day!  DANG.  Thanks so much to Standard and Clay Place for the tour and for showcasing a handful of members of Clay Club.