Adam Field Workshop!

Last week Edinboro's Clay Club brought Adam Field to campus as our Spring 2015 visiting artist. Adam is from Colorado, but has lived and worked is several different areas in the United States including San Francisco and Maui. He spent a majority of 2008 in Icheon, South Korea as an apprentice at an Onggi Studio learning traditional Korean pottery techniques. Currently, he is living in Helena, Montana completing a long-term residency at the Archie Bray Foundation.

Adam carves intricate patterns into a translucent porcelain clay body and surfaces his pots with celadon glazes. His carving is influenced heavily by symmetry found in nature and from indigenous fiber arts. While on campus, he demonstrated different throwing and carving techniques he utilizes in his work. He also spent time critiquing students work and presenting lectures on his research and past experiences. As a result, Adam shared a lot about what he learned and took away from his time in Korea. Through images and videos he took during his time there, we learned about different techniques and processes used in a traditional Onggi production studio.

Clay Club would like to thank Adam for coming to Edinboro and presenting a great workshop! We would also like to thank Edinboro's Student Government Association for their financial contributions to help make this event possible.

For more information about Adam's work, visit some of the following links:

Below are a few images from the workshop:

Laying out some patterns on cups

Throwing demonstration

Group shot on the skybridge