Post-Minimal to the Max By ROBERTA SMITH

"What’s missing this season is art that seems made by one person out of intense personal necessity, often by hand."

Lack of diversity in the NYC art scene? shocking!-click here for NYTimes article

"After encountering so many bare walls and open spaces, after examining so many amalgams of photography, altered objects, seductive materials and Conceptual puzzles awaiting deciphering, I started to feel as if it were all part of a big-box chain featuring only one brand."

"New York... has finally been determined that the long overdue survey of the abstract ceramicist Ken Price that has been undertaken by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will come to the Metropolitan Museum. I’m glad it will be seen here, but the fact that the Guggenheim, the Whitney and the Modern could not fit it into their schedules shows an appalling narrowness of vision."

On Being a Woman, From Cradle to Grave By KAREN ROSENBERG

"The Victorian arts of mourning are alive in Kiki Smith’s latest work, as they have been in much of what she has produced since she emerged in the 1980s." Gender equality in the NYTimes-click here for this article

Swagger and Sideburns: Bad Boys in Galleries

Roberta Smith writes "Judging from a number of overbearing, obstreperous and generally large works by male artists that command gallery space right now, it seems to be bad-boy week on the New York art scene. Isn’t every week, you ask? Maybe, but some are more emphatically so than others." click here for NYTimes article

These Unknown Sculptors Are Outstanding in Their Fields in Kansas

Odd Art Collections Crop Up Along Midwest Highways.
Click here for the wall street journal article
MULLINVILLE, Kan.—Some folks keep journals. Others paste scrapbooks. M.T. Liggett records his life in junk


Such a beautiful and striking image- Really nice use of "art as social awareness" not at all pushy or preachy but very effective

ICE HOUSE DETROIT This blog chronicles the architectural installation Ice House Detroit throughout its many stages: fundraising, architectural installation, disassembly of the house, and transformation of the property once the project is over.

ART REVIEW | OUTSIDER ART FAIR A Survey of a Field Hard to Define

The Outsider Art Fair is running this weekend, which makes this as good a time as any to ask, what exactly is an outsider artist?

click here for the NYTimes article- I recommend the "slideshow"

National Geographic "Within One Cubic Foot"

Click here for very interesting photographs
How much life could you find in one cubic foot? That's a hunk of ecosystem small enough to fit in your lap. To answer the question, photographer David Liittschwager took a green metal frame, a 12-inch cube, to disparate environments—land and water, tropical and temperate. At each locale he set down the cube and started watching, counting, and photographing with the help of his assistant and many biologists. The goal: to represent the creatures that lived in or moved through that space. The team then sorted through their habitat cubes, coaxing out every inhabitant, down to a size of about a millimeter. Accomplishing that took an average of three weeks at each site. In all, more than a thousand individual organisms were photographed, their diversity represented in this gallery. "It was like finding little gems," Liittschwager says.