Doug Peltzman at EUP

This semester Edinboro University's Clay Club funded by EUSGA brought in studio potter Doug Peltzman as our Fall 2015 visiting artist.  Doug lives and works in Dover Plains, NY.  He has taught workshops across the country in places such as Arrowmont, Peters Valley, Googleworks, The Clay Studio, etc.  He is also a founding member of Objective Clay.   

Doug's work deals with breaking elements down to their simple line structure.  Line, color, pattern, and form are all important components in Doug's work.  He uses a white porcelain along with a black stained porcelain to create his work.  
His work is mainly wheel thrown, but he also uses plaster hump molds for several forms.  The ridges he creates in his work are used to control glaze movement in the kiln.  These ridges hold glaze giving his work variation in color and glaze thickness.  

While at Edinboro University Doug demonstrated different throwing and decorating techniques he utilizes in his work. He also spent time critiquing students work and presenting lectures on his research and past experiences.  Clay Club would like to thank Doug Peltzman for coming to Edinboro and presenting a great workshop! We would also like to thank Edinboro University's Student Government Association for their financial contributions to help make this event possible.

For more information about Doug and his work please visit his website at:

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