What Galleries Want from Ceramic Artists: Advice From Top Ceramic Gallery Owners

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"Charlie Cummings of Charlie Cummings Gallery calls bringing work into a gallery unannounced “the ambush.” He says, “If someone comes in unannounced with a box of pots, the only thing they really want to hear is ‘yes.’ I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but they are putting me in a position where I have to say ‘no’.”

by Annie Chrietzberg posted on ceramic arts daily

NCECA review in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Art: Ceramic artists shape a medium
National conference proves clay is for more than making plates and cups.
By Edward Sozanski

"Perhaps I'm excessively purist, but I like ceramic art to tell me why it's made of clay and not plaster, wood, plastic, or metal. Extreme plasticity is one obvious virtue of clay used for sculpture. Another is expressive surface, especially the animated textures and intense, penetrating colors that glazes impart."