How did I not know about this?

How did I not know about this?
Looking at art with Peter Schjeldahl.

Two things I like so much- together, at last!! Slide shows and Peter Schjeldahl (New Yorker art critic). Click here for a buffet of tasty little bits of thought and visual pleasure.

Pretty Patterns That Camouflage a Poison

"...colorful Mexican ceramics were a significant source of lead contamination. He wondered if the same held true with the pottery in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.The answer, he and a group of researchers has found, is yes." click here to read the NYTimes article and be careful out there.

Mismatched Crockery Threatens Formal Dining

"Young people are turning their backs on one of the last surviving forms of etiquette dating from the Victorian period." Debenhams (London store which sells high-end china) laments an end to formality in dining. Click here to read press release

Classic Vs. Contemporary Art: A Test Of Museum-Goers' Interest

How long do we look at art in a museum. The Daily Mail sent observers to the Tate in London for 2 days. Click here for the link.

Damien Hirst Room- average time 38 seconds, longest look 4 minutes.

John Millais: Ophhelia- average time 1 minute 57 seconds, longest look 30 minutes

Undefined Design: Mystery objects for Interactive Interiors

We've all been there... used the wrong tool for the job. Roman Heide is counting on it. From his website "the work undefinierte objekte creates objects nearly free from associations with known categories. like people who improvise or like playing children do, these objects become what the are in the moment of use. this means, the user is free to decide what the specific object serves for. he gains freedom concerning his objects, a freedom completely normal for playing children." Check out Dornob for more pictures and info.