Paul Gauguin- The self-invented Artist

Click here for the NYTimes show review and some interesting info.
" Paul Gauguin was a dreadful man who made some beautiful art. That’s the present take on him. In his craving for fame and fulfillment he dumped his family, bullied his friends, ripped off ideas and lied about his past. His book “Noa Noa,” which he advertised as an account of his life in Tahiti, was largely fantasy, mostly plagiarized. If he published it today, Oprah would be demanding an apology."

He also worked in clay- at least once
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..."habit formingly beautiful." I would like my lifes work to be described as such when I am dead and gone. It seems alot of artist are 'tormented' in one way, shape, form or other....hmmm.... i'm wondering if we are all tormented and what that story would be....