Alumni Spotlight: Garrett Loveless

Garrett graduated from Edinboro in May of 2013 and is currently living in Springville, Utah.

Since graduating from Edinboro, Garrett has worked as a Technical Assistant in the ceramics department at Utah Valley University. He is currently working in a bronze foundry (Adonis Bronze in the patina department. He tries to focus on his work as much as his schedule allows. He is also working on his first bronze sculpture and hopes to complete some mixed media work by with both bronze and ceramic in the future. Recently, Garrett was awarded Best in Show at the Art of Our Century exhibit at the Woodbury Art Museum!

Artist Statement:

The idea of complex artifacts with mysterious functions has captivated many, and has led to theories about Gods, aliens, and time travelers. I have always enjoyed stories and artifacts that challenge what we know about our past, and I try to capture this atmosphere of excitement and intrigue within my work. I probe what was previously known that had to be rediscovered, and the notion that, perhaps, we have failed to recover everything that has been lost.

Largely inspired by Middle Age instruments such as globes, armillary spheres, and astrolabes, I look to old devices that were used in an attempt to bring order to the chaos of the natural world. To me these forms carry the excitement of discovery, an aura of knowledge, and a sense of function. Giving my pieces this idea of purpose, and adding elements that seem out of time, or place, help create an air of mystery. 

I am intrigued by how knowledge and objects that once seemed cryptic and arcane, known by only a privileged few, become common, and then obsolete. Finally, in the absence of their function, they once again become mysteriously arcane. These ideas make me question our relationships with our technology today, what effect such conveniences have on us, and where we would be if they were taken away. 

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